Our Thinking

The idea behind our apps is that they are fun, simple and focussed on a specific skill, so your child can turn their attention to the areas that they need most help with. All our apps are targeted to a very specific age range, so you can be sure that they are getting exactly what they need.

Lucky Gecko Apps
Lucky Gecko Apps

Our Content

With apps like ours, the content is paramount, and we know this better than anyone! We've partnered with a well established tuition business called Lucky Gecko Tuition, and they are the ace up our sleeve.

Lucky Gecko Tuition not only offer top-notch tuition services to a huge number of clients, but they also publish workbooks for students (for more information, you can visit them at www.luckygecko.com). Luckily for us, all of the content they produce for the apps is created especially, so you can always be sure that the questions are new!

Along with providing the content, they also help us design the apps and, with their experience, we are able to create games that are both fun and engaging.

Thanks to...

Of course we can't always do everything ourselves! Below is a list of those that have helped us in some way.

Huge thanks to the fantastic group With Lions for providing the music in our videos! Check out their website at: www.withlions.com

Many thanks go to the enigmatic Director, Editor and Writer, Raffi Asdourian for providing his expertise to ensure our video demos look sharp and polished. Check out his website at: www.zaffi.com

Also a big thank you to Placeit.net, a fantastic site that allows you to generate product images from screenshots of your app!

Lucky Gecko Apps

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